SS Staff Locker

SS Staff Locker

Stainless steel locker or SS Staff Locker is widely used in pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies to hold lab coat, apron and other personal belongings of staff members. They have separate compartments and they can also be used in athletic clubs, schools, government agencies, gyms, and staff changing rooms. We have large range of SS lockers in different configurations and sizes and they can be sent to the clients assembled or unassembled, according to their needs.

Our standard lockers are made of 16 Gauge stainless steel and come in different configurations according to clients’ needs. They are ideal for staff or student use. We also have vented lockers for maximum security and air flow with 16 Gauge sides and mesh fronts in steel wire. You can use these lockers of stainless steel in changing rooms of athletic clubs or gyms where you need secure storage. They have front and end bases and sloping hoods.


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